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  • Overbearing? — are you single because you were too controlling or obsessive over your ex? Or maybe you aren’t single but can see the warning signs … regardless, read this to find out what to do.
  • How to Break Down Their Walls — if your ex feels that you “don’t understand me“ then you have a big wall to climb or beat down. The secret to this is to use one of our most important human abilities. Find out what it is in this article.
  • The Big Secret to Healthy Relationships — did you know the secret to having a great relationship can also help you reconcile with your ex? Find out what I mean in this article.
  • Broken Heart, Broken Mind — don’t neglect your state of mind following the breakup. If you do, you chance of success greatly diminishes. I like this article. It’s pretty short, but has a powerful message.
  • Do They Love You? — some simple clues that help determine if your boy or girlfriend really loves you. I wrote this in response to many emails I’d gotten asking the big question: “does my boyfriend really love me“ (and a few guys ask the same about their girlfriends.)
  • Love Quotes — here I share a few quotes I’ve found inspiring at one time or another. Good quotes can lead you into contemplation. Do not overlook the power of this!
  • Using the Law of Attraction to Heal Your Mindset? — mindset is key to success in all areas of life. And repairing a relationship is no different. Can Law of Attraction help you heal after a bad breakup?

Moving On:

  • Moving On — sometimes it just isn’t meant to be. Get help with the healing and moving on phase of your life.
  • Still Not Over Your Ex? — try this unconventional tip…