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Resolving Your Breakup

How to Get Your Ex Back — START HERE. This is an introduction and overview of what you should be thinking about, immediately after the breakup. If you're confused, just start here.

Get Your Ex Girlfriend Back — Here I talk about getting your ex girlfriend back, and provide 5 action steps that you can follow.

Get Your Ex Boyfriend Back — If you want help getting your ex boyfriend back, this is for you. Clear, sensible, no nonsense advice.

How to Win Your Ex Back? — Here are 5 unusual — yet remarkable — ideas winners use.. (finally, here's advice you've not already heard before!)

Make Your Ex Want You Back? — For both guys and girls, making an ex want you back is obviously appealing. Let’s talk about that, shall we?

No Contact Guide — An in-depth guide to the popular "no contact" strategy. I answer the most common questions on the topic.

Get Your Ex Back After NC? — Once you've completed the "no contact" phase, be sure you don't make this mistake. Also, find out what to do DURING the NC phase..

Only for Subscribers — Some additional content for subscribers include:

  • How to Get Your Ex to Call You?
  • Does Making Your Ex Jealous Work?


Should You Reunite? — After a breakup THIS is one of the most important questions you need to answer. Let me help you figure this out.

How to Break Down Your Ex's Wall — If your ex feels that you "don't understand me" then you have a big wall to climb or beat down. The secret to this is to use one of our most important human abilities. Find out what that is in this article.

The Secret to a Healthy Relationship – Did you know the secret to having a great relationship can also help you reconcile with your ex? Find out what I mean in this article.

Do They Love You? — Some simple clues that can help determine if your boyfriend or girlfriend loves you. I wrote this in response to the many emails I'd gotten asking the big question: "does my boyfriend really love me" (and a few guys ask the same about their girlfriends.)

Broken Heart, Broken Mind — Don't neglect your state of mind following the breakup. If you do, you chance of success greatly diminishes. I like this article. It's pretty short, but has a powerful message.

Overbearing? — Are you single because you were too controlling or obsessive with your ex? Maybe you aren't single but can see the warning signs? Regardless, read this to find out what to do.


Signs She May Break Up with You — Quick overview of the common signs that signal an impending breakup.

Moving on — Sometimes it just isn't meant to be. Get help with the healing and moving on phase of your life.

Love Quotes — Here I share a few quotes I've found inspiring at one time or another. Good quotes can lead you into contemplation. Do not overlook the power of this!

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Breakup Dojo — My complete breakup program shows you what to do following your breakup in order to maximise your chances of reconciliation.

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