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What Breakup Advice Are You Looking For?

Regardless of who broke up with who or the type of relationship you had, here is the best place to start for breakup advice:

How to get your ex back

After you have read that:

For girls wanting their guy back:

How to get your ex boyfriend back

I share four startlingly refreshing ideas to re-attract your ex here:

How to re-attract your ex?

When your relationship ends abruptly, and you disagree it is for the best, you may wonder if you can make your partner give you a second chance. I discuss this here:

How to make your ex want you back?

Or, how about my three-step formula to get someone to miss you:

How to make someone want you back?

The answer may surprise you:

Will my ex come back?

Or how about if they still have feelings for you:

Does my ex still love me?

You best read this before you try it:

Does no contact work?

What is the no contact rule? Here is the complete guide:

No contact rule

Find out what to do after no contact to get your ex back:

Get your ex back after no contact?

Should you text your ex? Find out when you SHOULD and when you shouldn’t:

Should I text my ex

If your ex feels that you “don’t understand me“ then you have a big wall to climb or beat down. The secret to this is to use one of our most important human abilities. Find out what it is in this article:

How to break down emotional walls

How can you know if breaking up was the right decision? There are clues to help answer that:

Signs of a good decision?

Do you want a specialist ex back coach to give you the best advice possible? My clients make progress every day with coaching because they are not second-guessing every move they make: learn more →

Breaking Up Turned Your World Upside Down

Your ex left you, and won’t return your calls. You’re worried if they are with someone new. Or being hit on and vulnerable to entering a rebound relationship.

To make matters worse, you are not thinking clearly because rejection has fried your “thinking circuits” and getting through the next 3 minutes feels impossible.

To add to the shame, frustration and humiliation, you know your family and friends will be judging what happened, while saying “the right thing” (as best they can) and that just makes your misery worse.

Do things only grow worse from there?

Not necessarily ↓

Best Breakup Advice

These quick pointers are what I advise to all going through a breakup:

  1. What you do, don’t do, and what you say and don’t say… ALL influence your chances (directly and indirectly);
  2. Timing is important. WHEN you do something can be more important than WHAT you do;
  3. Speed: the sooner you know what you need to know, the better your chance;
  4. If you keep doing what you’re already doing, don’t expect a better result. You must change your approach!
  5. You’re not supposed to know what you’re doing. No one is taught this! Ergo, it’s SMART to seek help;
  6. You are better off choosing your “teacher” NOW and just getting started already. Better than jumping around aimlessly;
  7. I’ve helped thousands in your shoes. It’s no big deal, believe me;
  8. What has value is worth paying for. You WANT help from those INVESTED in helping;

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