Is It OK to Date During No Contact?

The no contact rule is designed to help you focus on yourself, heal, and move forward in a healthy way. If you are currently in the middle of a no contact phase, you may wonder if it is OK to date during this time. Will dating take away from the benefits of following this rule?

Is it a Good Idea to Date During No Contact?

Dating during the no-contact phase will complicate your life.  I do not recommend it for most people. For example, if your ex has second thoughts about the breakup and discovers you’ve started dating, your new “love story” may jeopardise your chances of reconciling.

Experience has also shown that dating too soon can distract you from working on your recovery. While dating can feel good (though this is not guaranteed), it can be a distraction and delay your healing journey in the early stages.

Last, the time frame usually recommended to stay away from your ex is almost always too short to make dating a good idea.

In most cases, you should wait longer before dating (when you can do so from a more positive and happier place). Besides, you risk entering a rebound relationship if you act hastily, which is not a solution and will only hurt you in the long run.


It is not a good idea to start dating someone new while you are still dealing with unresolved emotions and healing from a previous relationship. Additionally, dating someone new during a period of no contact may cause you to relapse into old negative patterns that could hurt your ability to reconnect positively.

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