Do Exes Ever Come Back After Dating Someone Else?

Yes, exes will sometimes come back after dating someone else. The path looks like this: Your ex begins dating before they are ready. Then the new relationship hits rough waters. Optional: Your ex notices you look better than the new partner (hint.) Finally, your ex breaks off the new relationship and comes back.

Of course, you understand this doesn’t happen every time. There is no guarantee your ex will come back. Only that it happens. But wait. You must not take a back seat and let fate decide. Why? Because you can improve the odds that your ex will come back after dating. How? By following my tips below.

What to Do When Your Ex Is Dating Someone Else?

Here are five tips for you to implement right away:

  1. Leave your ex alone: The last thing you want to do is make a big issue out of this. Do not hassle your ex no matter how much you want to.
  2. Focus on healing yourself: A broken man or woman is no good for anyone. You may not feel like it —almost a guarantee you won’t— but getting your head straight (and your life) is good for you and for your chances with your ex.
  3. Improve yourself: Becoming sane and functional is the gateway to becoming an even better version of yourself. Why is this important? Because your goal is to look better than ever to your ex, so they will favour you over the one they’re dating.
  4. See the good in everything: Adopt the mindset of celebrating the upside in every situation or outcome. No one wants to be around a negative Nancy. Have an upbeat attitude, and your ex will find you more attractive. And. Your ex won’t be able to stop wondering WHY you are so positive. Curiosity is a decisive factor in attracting your ex back.
  5. Have infrequent HAPPY conversations with your ex: If you talk to your ex at all, make sure you only have happy, relaxed conversations. If you can not be happy, avoid contact altogether. However. In time, your goal IS to work your way up to friendly, no pressure chats.

Here is why you must follow the tips above:

By ensuring you are in a good place with good thoughts, you will increase your self-respect. You need self-respect to stop others from taking advantage of you. Further, the more you value yourself, the easier it will be for your ex to desire you.

By improving yourself —your mind, your body, and even your career etc.— you command more respect from others (including your ex.) Your ex will have to “pay more” to “buy” you when you raise your value. You WANT your ex to perceive you as “expensive” because this protects their pride. After all, nobody feels good when told they “belong” to a low-value person.

Also, the above tips show your ex that you are moving on with your life. There is no better way to raise your market value, and some exes only come back after you move on from them.

Finally, when your ex’s new relationship hits choppy waters, he or she will be having doubts about their decision to date other people. And. They will begin to look at you and compare you with who they are with.

In terms of winning your ex back, your top priority is to make any comparison between the new guy or girl and you… completely stacked in your favour.

Make sense?

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About the author: I’m a relationship coach with a focus on breakup recovery. I’ve been doing this for 13 years, helping thousands of people worldwide. I created the Breakup Dojo, a popular resource with over 1,000 members. I’ve authored several in-demand breakup recovery products, drawing from my deep fascination with psychology. I also publish the “Ex-Communication” newsletter, providing over 10,000 subscribers worldwide with actionable advice.