Single Email Response from Michael Fulmer

Got a question you simply must get answered? Maybe you have 2 or 3 questions (max) but you first need to explain your situation.. and you want me to personally reply in full and tell you what to do?


I offer a simple email response service for such requests.


Maybe you are stuck because you don't know if you should pursue your ex, or move on already?


Maybe you want to know if there's a chance your relationship can be saved, but your situation is too unique or complex to be satisfied by a simple Google search?

I mean..

Truth is, there are countless reasons why you'd want to ask me directly for help.

You can't beat getting specific help.

So here's how this works —

When you take up this service, you get to send me ONE email where you explain your situation and what, specifically, you'd like help with.

This is how it works:

  1. You purchase the Email Response service using the button below;
  2. You send me ONE email, in which you clearly describe your situation using no more than 750 words, and end by asking your question (up to 3 max — the more specific the better);
  3. Then you wait..

This is a standard email response service which means it'll take up to 5 days for my reply.

If you're in a hurry, you need the Emergency Email Response.

Once I get your email, you'll go into a queue.

Over the next couple days or so, I will read your email and make some notes. And then read it again..

Then I will ponder. I will think. And chew over your email, and your questions.. and consider my answer carefully.

Finally, I will sit down and write my reply.

And my reply?

  • It'll be ONE email;
  • It'll be concise and to the point, and will answer your question(s) as fully as I'm able;
  • It'll arrive in your inbox no later than 5 days later.


If I fail to reply within 5 days, you will be fully reimbursed your fee.

How much?

It's $100.00 inclusive.

Purchase for $100.00