Your Ex Does This. And, So Do You…

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about humans recently, it’s that what they say they’ll do is almost always different to what they actually do.

Example: Today, between 11:53 and 12:53, I’m expecting delivery of the new Apple TV. I’m excited, sure. But Monday just gone, I told my wife we’d wait on this. We don’t need it. Yeah, that went well..

I’m telling you. Everybody lies.

Tip: Always observe what people already do. Ignore what they say. And nobody will fool you.

I mean ..

Is this familiar? —

"I want someone who will look after me, is sensitive, kind, and funny" {runs off for the 3rd time to date yet-another-asshole…}

It’s funny. Bet you’re nodding along.

Lot’s of guys and girls paint a picture of what they want, and it’s a real pretty picture.

Then they go date the nearest asshat in town—again—and if you hold up that "picture" against the first? You wouldn’t think it was by the same artist.


So what about you?

I got two things to say:

  1. You can "say it" until you’re blue in the face, but until you do it you haven’t changed one bit, and your ex doesn’t want to know (hint: your ex doesn’t want to date the same you they already left — something has to change, but your words is not it);
  2. If you’ve been saying big words like "I’ll do ALL I can to get them back," well .. have you? How committed exactly are you? Unless you’ve studied the minefield that is "relationship conflict and resolution," maybe getting guidance from someone who has would be a good idea? (hint hint.)

Today, check what you do, and what you’re already doing … and see how closely that "picture" matches the one you’d paint with your words.

Because ..

If you want things to be better, if you want your ex to take you seriously (or anyone else for that matter) .. the secret-not-so-secret is to shut-up and just DO it.

That’s how you stand out.

Final Tip: We easily ignore what people say, but not what they do. Are you getting how this gets your ex’s attention yet?..

If you’re the type who only "talks" about it, I can’t help you. Nobody can.

But if you’ll "walk-the-walk" (even just some of the time) then get yourself on my list (see below.)

In your corner,
Michael Fulmer

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