How to Get Your Ex Back When She Has Moved On

Has your ex-girlfriend moved on? If you want her back, here’s what you do:

  1. Give yourself a strict time limit within which you will make an effort to get her back. (Psst: If you don’t get back together in this time frame, you must accept it’s over and move on.)
  2. Immerse yourself in activities related to your life goals and ambitions to the point that you rarely think of her.
  3. Send her messages that bring a smile to her face, spark her curiosity, or make her laugh, and nothing more. You must train her to look forward to hearing from you.

To expand —

Choose a healthy time frame within which you will work to get her back.

By setting a limit on when you will reach out or make attempts to reconnect, you focus your efforts and prevent yourself from becoming too attached to the situation.


Next, get busy doing what inspires and motivates you in life.

Having a focus and a purpose will build your charisma and value, which is attractive.

Not having a mission to pursue is like an actor without a script. So set yourself a plan with achievable goals and work towards them.

This renewed focus will improve your dating value and boost your confidence.

Once you have a time frame and a suitable mission you are actively pursuing, the next step is to get her talking to you again.

For many of you, it will have been at least a few weeks since you last texted, called, or emailed your ex.

The key here is to only send messages that are fun, upbeat, witty, etc.

Your job is to get her to look forward to reading your messages.

(She will look forward to receiving your texts if they provide a positive experience or useful distraction for her.)

Repeat the above until she feels comfortable hearing from you.

You may even find she will happily meet up with you.

Tip: Ask her to join you for a quick coffee or something similar. Something that is easy to accept.

Finally, as you near the deadline, begin to ramp things up a little by adding some flirtation into the mix.

If she responds in kind and seems happy to interact with you this way, just straight up ask her out.

Note: This basic plan works just as well if she is in a rebound relationship.)

How to Win Her Back From Another Guy?

The best way to snatch her back from another guy is to:

  1. Ensure you compare favourably against him;
  2. Stay in touch, so you can…
  3. Show her you are relaxed and happy with how things are

The last point is key —don’t show any signs you are bitter or jealous.

By the way —these three can drive the other guy to act jealous and controlling, which makes you look better.

So that’s about it.

Recap —

If your ex has moved on it is best you don’t chase her without a time frame. Be strict with yourself and put a limit on how long you’ll fight for her.

Then immerse yourself in positive activities that match your life goals and ambitions. This helps to ensure you don’t squander life while simultaneously building attractive qualities. It also dilutes your attention away from your ex.

From your new productive outlook on life, send her messages that bring a smile to her face or spark her curiosity.

This shows her you’re still interesting and worth a second look.

Finally, ask her to join you for coffee or some kind of activity you know she would find hard to resist.

If she has any desire to come back to you, she will agree to see you. Simple as that.

If not?

Then drop it and move on.

(Or reach out for more advanced tips.)

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