How to Win Your Girlfriend Back

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Getting a girl to come back to you can be one of the hardest things to do. It may be the hardest thing you will ever do. But, if you know you’re right for each other, and if it really is meant to be, you should go for it.

Here’s what you can do win that special girl back:

Give Your Girl Some Space

The first thing you need to do is give her some time and space to process everything that has happened.

You don’t want to chase after her; you want her to want to come back.

By giving her space, you also give yourself space. And of course, you are giving her a chance to miss you when you are out of the picture for a while.

This little breather is only temporary, and in some situations can be enough to send her running straight back to you when it’s over.

Let Your Ex Girlfriend Make The Next Move

Show her that you have patience and self-control by giving her ample space to make the next move.

Win her over by not needing to chase her down. Let your ex girlfriend see you as a strong and contented man (who maybe lost his way for a while, but who is now back in the driving seat.)

Besides, letting her initiate contact first means you’re allowing her to have all the time she needs to get her composure back.

Just remember that you really don’t need to crowd her to win her back. Quite the opposite!

Indeed, I am sure that when you think it through with logic, you will agree that chasing and constantly contacting her will only make matters worse for you.

Ergo, your job is to not let your emotions take over.

Ideally you will let her come to you. And certainly, in the early stages after the break-up, going after her could drive her away.

This is the risk with rushing in too soon.

Use your best judgement!

Make Use Of Your Alone Time

Use this break from each other to better yourself.

Get better, not bitter.

Maybe go to the gym, pick up a new hobby, or take your career or business to the next level.


It is better to be distracted than it is to give your brain all the time in the world to think about your girl.

Getting busy is plain smart.

So, use the tools available to you!

Join groups. Re-kindle old friendships. Learn a new skill. Start a side-business.

These are the kind of things that will help you in the early stages of the break-up.

Besides, you don’t want to say anything to her for a good while if you can help it.

And so, pouring your energy into your own affairs will help you stay in your lane (and not in hers..)

Consider this the prime time to get on with your life. To focus on stepping up your game behind the scenes.

Living well can be the best revenge (if applicable…) and becoming a better person means you can be a better partner, too.

Putting yourself first and making wins in your own life will actually make you more attractive to her.

The gains you make in your own life will help to attract her back to you as she notices the improved you, as a matter of course.

(And indirectly, she may hear about your positive efforts, too, so don’t worry if you do not cross paths with your girlfriend during this time.)

Bottom line:

You want your girlfriend to feel like she is missing out on something, and therefore feel a growing desire to become part of the new you.

When You Communicate…

When she finally initiates contact with you, this is where you can brutally mess up.

It’s important for you to be careful.

If she asks you what you’ve been up to or how you’re doing, this is your opportunity to tell her all about the amazing things you have been doing for yourself.

Since you weren’t moping around this whole time (during no contact,) it will show.

Tell her you’ve been going to the gym, eating better, and surfing three days a week (for example.)

It sure beats telling her you were crying in a ball the whole time.

(That’s not what winning looks like…)

So, whatever hobby it is you got into, or goal you pursued, etc? Express that to her.

She probably thought you were wallowing in self-pity and were too busy being depressed over the break-up. Yet, instead you get to show her you were out and about and improving yourself, and moving forward with life.

Naturally, when she sees that you are happy and content, she may feel like she is missing out.


If she asks if you’re seeing someone, do not lie if you are, because she deserves to know, even if it does not really concern her.

Tread carefully, though — this may make her feel like you moved on quickly, so try to avoid the question altogether.

Frankly though, your ex girlfriend is likely be curious, so be prepared to be asked!

As an aside?

Women love things they can’t have, sure… but they don’t necessarily want to get back with someone who is desperate, or who slept around right after a break-up.

Just something to think about.

Ask Her Out?

If the conversation goes well, maybe start texting more, and then gradually — and I mean SLOWLY — lead up to the big question.

You must not hurry this!

You should take your time and just enjoy the time together for what it is.

In fact, I suggest you make it your goal to simply enjoy the time you spend together, without any pressure for it to immediately lead to winning her back.

So, ask her to hang out with you, and maybe later have dinner or go do one of your new activities together.

Just so you can hang with her, and have dinner, and have fun. Literally.


If she enjoys the moments together, she will soon make it clear that the door is open for you.

And so, all going well, in time you may just win back your girlfriend.

And with the appropriate effort from both of you, things might well be better the second time round.

So, why not give it a go if you really feel that she is worth a shot?

Good luck.

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