Using the Law of Attraction to Heal Your Mindset After a Bad Breakup?

IT’s a common occurrence: you have a great relationship, but it goes sour. Then, it becomes a terrible breakup.

Yet after a day of heartbreak and tears, you want them back. You start questioning where it went wrong and then how you want to change what happened.

It is clear: you can’t completely erase them from your mind, nor do you want to. And you start to wonder if you can make them want you back (a normal though irrational thought.)

However, before trying to reverse your break-up, it is a good idea to understand the power of your thoughts.

Mindset is critical for the healing process following a breakup.

Let’s look at that now:

Prepare Your Mindset

Revising a bad breakup is possible because of your connection to one another.

There is hope.

And, when you know that your thoughts can manifest into your reality (thoughts lead to feelings, which lead to actions..) you can essentially think about whatever you desire and in doing so, improve your chances to create it in the physical world.

You just need to remember that thoughts plus your feelings are the basic formulae for you to achieve the reality that you want (action follows this formula, making the inside create the outside…)


Focus on what transpired between you two.

Remember everything about it, from where you were at the time, to the arguments that you had with your partner.

When you visualize, it must be in a detailed manner as if it were happening right now, at this very moment.

Bad Vibes

When you get to the negative part, don’t dwell on it.

Instead, make the changes you want and think about how you want things to ideally have ended between you two.

Forget about the worst parts and focus on what you want to achieve.

All that matters at this moment is what you create in your mind.

If it all began because of a misunderstanding, visualize both of you staying calm and keeping an open mind, ignoring the part where you were enraged or jealous.

This will give you a sort of mental blueprint for better dealing with conflicts in your future.


Visualize a scenario where you keep feeling nothing but positive feelings for each other.

If the break-up was fueled by a mistake or fault, see yourself forgiving your partner for that fault and understanding why the mistake happened in the first place.

This helps to shift your focus from problems to solutions.


As you reach the end part of revising your break-up, send thoughts of love and gratitude to your partner.

Give them a big, warm hug in your mind, and imagine them happy to be with you again.

Feel this happening right now. See yourself happy and in love again.

This will lift your spirits and energy and help those around you feel more attracted to you.


Remember that we create our reality starting from what we think. It is the seed of reality.

After all, the power of thought is what allows you to feel and then make the reality that you want for yourself.

Just believe and completely trust in your mental revisions and it will help you see the work you can carry out to make it so.

Do not let doubt fester in your mind because doubt will hinder the full manifestation of what you want by stopping you doing the work that can make it a reality.

As you will see, mindset is key to success in all areas of life. And repairing relationships is no different.

Disclaimer: the language used in this article (specifically around “law of attraction”) has become common in many cultures, and so I use it here. However, I personally do not see any evidence for it working purely on a “think it and it happens level.” Instead, I see the value in the practice of it due to the simple reason that our thoughts will lead to ACTION — for which there is no lack of evidence for, in its effectiveness! Thank you for reading.

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