How to Make Someone Want You Back: My 3 Step Formula to Get Your Ex to Miss You

A breakup can be so devastating that some never fully recover. Yet, while that is thankfully rare? The feeling that your world has been turned upside down is not. It is, therefore, no surprise that you may want to know how to make someone want you back.


This is clearly a distressing time for you. And I’m sorry to know that.

If you could persuade your lover to want you back, you would feel a lot better. And it is normal to want to feel better.


This pain you want to escape may drive you to think and act in ways you usually would not. And may later regret.

So while you may feel ready to do almost anything to make your girlfriend or boyfriend give you another chance, a warning:

Desperation will only further motivate your ex to stay away.

While the desire to get back with your ex can be exceptionally strong, be careful you do not squander your chances through misuse of it.

Your need to be wanted back could work against you.

But don’t worry. You are here, and I have your back.

By the time you finish this article, you will actually know a simple way to help your ex regret their decision, and want to be back in your arms.

We All Want to Be Wanted

I’ll admit it. Growing up, I wanted more attention from some of the guys and girls around me. You know, from certain people…

That’s not unusual.

We all want to be wanted and admired.

What is unusual is that I later made an effort to learn precisely how to get more attention and admiration, and I succeeded (and did so without losing dignity — important!)

I loved it (especially the psychology and mechanics of it.)


What works, works. And I’ll share some of that here with you.

Become the person your ex needs, not the person who needs your ex — Michael Fulmer

My 3 Step Formula to Make Someone Want You Back… Quickly

The first step to my formula sets the scene and creates the context for all that follows (strengthening your position to be wanted by your ex.)


Your ex is probably “in love” with their decision to move on, and they may even feel some power from being wanted by you.


Whatever it is that you want, they do not.

So the first thing to do is align your want with your ex’s…

Step #1: Agree with Your Ex

If you are still in contact with your ex, go and tell them that you think being separated is a good idea and is for the best.

Yes, really.

Tell them they were right to end it, and that it was hopeless the way things were.

Why Agree?

Because using force-on-force (e.g., disagreeing with the breakup, asking for a second chance, and reassuring you will change, etc) is not effective.

Whereas agreeing means not standing opposite and against your ex.

This will soften them.

Really, Michael?

Yes. When someone pushes against you, the natural urge is to push back.

We like to argue our corner.

And humans will fight you if you fight them.

So yes, really.


Be gentle yet firm with this.

State your agreement to the breakup to show you are both on the same page.

And keep it simple.

There is no need to go overboard here. If you make a big deal with this, your ex will become suspicious.

Less is more!

And if you ignore this step entirely, and push for what you want too soon? You risk making your ex becoming even more distant.

Aside: if you’re not on good grounds with your ex, or the above doesn’t “make sense” for your situation, you can skip this and go straight to step #2

Step #2: Become Absorbed in Your Own World and Not Your Ex’s

For the next few weeks or so, do not make any attempts to contact your ex, or even inquire about them through friends or family.

Here’s the critical bit:

You must become so utterly absorbed in your own affairs that, from the outside, it appears you are struggling even to make time to think about your ex.

Why Do This?

If your ex is to miss you, then it stands to reason that you first be missable, right?

So, for the time being, I do not want you to initiate text messages, phone calls, or interact on social media platforms. This is something you can look at doing after NC.

Certainly, do not hang out at the same places you “just happen” to know your ex does!

Many clients have admitted to me they had done this (“accidentally” crossing paths with their ex.)

But hanging close at this time only works against you.

You want to create a void between your ex and you.

That includes not asking your ex’s friends or family how they’re doing… it only undermines the power of this step.


You must become absorbed in your own world.

Your ex is probably expecting you to be absorbed in their world. And so when they directly (or even better indirectly) discover you are not… it makes your ex curious about you.


If your ex is to miss you and want to come back to you, then you first need to create the conditions that make that possible (and hopefully probable) for him or her to miss you.

Step #3: Become What Your Ex Wants (By Protecting & Building This One Thing)

Did you know?

If a girl wants to get a man back, she should know that men yearn to be admired.

On the other hand…

If a guy wants to get a girl back, he should understand that women want to be appreciated.

However, can you guess what it is that both men and women want and seek in the other?

This is the thing you must protect and build if your ex (or anyone else) is to want you in their life.

Before I reveal that…

Up to now, steps #1 and #2 are all about creating the foundation you need to be in what I call POMO:

“A position of most opportunity.”

Because you want to create the strongest position for yourself from which the odds of saving your relationship is maximized (as well as the odds of living a happy life, regardless of your relationship status.)

The great thing is…

Once you get this and do it, you are already protecting and building the one thing we all seek in our partners.


So what is it?


Yes. Really.

Men and women only want to be with someone they respect, and who will respect them in turn.

It is not possible to stay with someone who you do not respect (unless you are willing to have a dysfunctional relationship.)

In turn…

You can not expect to be wanted, missed, and desired… if your ex perceives you as having low self-respect.

Make sense?

A quote relating to what we all want in a relationship


Every action you take must protect and build your respect if you desire to be authentically wanted.

Most get this wrong and do the opposite.

E.g. —

If you throw yourself at your boyfriend or girlfriend and let them take advantage of you?

You undermine yourself and diminish your respect.

And plenty of my clients made this mistake before coming to me.

You know…

Girls who would sleep with their ex, and “succeed” only to find they had been used.


Guys who would end up out of pocket from making “grand gestures,” only to find themselves single and poor.

You can’t succeed if you fail to protect your self-respect.

So build it up if you want to “make” your ex (or anyone else) miss you bad enough to want you.


Humans do not want to be with someone they are ashamed to be with.

No one dates a guy or girl who they are embarrassed to be with. Not for long…

And even if you are not someone your ex is ashamed to be around, you can still help your ex perceive you as having a higher value than before.


Put it this way:

We can not help who we are attracted to.

It is not a choice.

However, over time we may resent a person and find that the attraction is blocked or impeded.

If you protect and build your self-respect, and you increase your perceived or real value (from your ex’s perspective) then you’ll help re-attract your partner. This is because whatever degree of innate attraction your ex already feels for you will go up (or flow more smoothly.)


We all look for strong values in our partner.

We all want someone who we can respect!

If you can become more respectable from your ex’s perspective, then you will naturally become more desired.

If you diminish your value, however… you will be harder to want.


Human nature is a fascinating thing.

Sometimes doing nothing more than giving someone space can compel them to want to fill that space again.

When someone who was recently close to us, especially one we were intimate with… moves out of our space, we almost always begin to wonder what they’re up to, and who with.

Or we simply miss the feeling of being wanted.

When you try too hard, you risk pushing your partner away. Instead, try to stand side-by-side with your ex so that there is no one to push against.

See the difference?

After that, please give your ex someone compelling to want to return to!


I often say that this is more a delicate process than an event. As such, I think it is commendable you are reading this article, and I encourage you to seek more guidance to help you with your mission.

The truth is, the more you know, the more likely your success. Yes, even if you are determined to make someone want you back.

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