Let me help you get your true self back..

“You could TRY to figure out how to MOVE ON, but wouldn’t it be easier to bypass the frustrating trial & error?”

Dear friend,

Breakups are messy.

When your ex told you it was over, it probably felt like they reached deep inside of you, and tore out your heart and soul.

I'm sorry you had to experience that.

Maybe you don't feel quite the same anymore? Maybe you feel numb, defeated, and like there's no purpose in your life..

Or maybe you feel panic, anxiety, or even ANGRY.. over the smallest things, even over no-thing?


You had an incredibly unpleasant experience. Let's not forget that. So please, I want you to know it is NORMAL to feel the way that you do..

Even weeks and months later?


In fact, some may take YEARS to properly deal with their breakup. Which is a horrifying thought.


However long ago the breakup was, I am sure you wish you were handling this dark chapter of your life BETTER than you have been..

Perhaps you know deep down that you COULD do better?


I know you are reading this because you are not as happy as you long to be. Plain and simple.

So all I want to do is help you.

Might I humbly offer that?


Help to see things a better way, to manage things a better way, to move forward a better way…

Might that be a positive next step in your journey?

Don't get me wrong..

Moving on, letting go, moving forward.. odds are good you WILL — eventually — do that….. given enough time, one way or another.. hopefully.

But I see too many taking far longer than they COULD, and that saddens me.

If you are taking longer than you need to, dear reader?..

Then I invite you to receive my MOVING ON course.

Why do I need it?

You don't. You can wing it, you can hope you'll feel better soon. And you can wait. And in time, you SHOULD feel better.

However, if you've already tried that route and it's not working well..?

OR you're the kind of person who wisely takes pain killers when you are in pain, rather than waiting it out..?

Well.. you'll choose the path of least resistance.

What will I get?

The MOVING ON course.

This course is written entirely for the purpose of helping you move on from a failed relationship.


The MOVING ON course will be sent to you over a series of short easy-to-consume segments, delivered straight to your inbox (via email.)

Each week you will receive 3 or 4 emails from me, spaced a day or two apart..

And this will continue for at least 6 weeks..

So again..

3+ emails every week, for 6+ weeks.

Aside: Each email will contain a lesson.. each that has the potential to give you a "ah ha" moment, or a new perspective on your situation, or a new feeling of hope and progress.

Purchase for $64

How will I get it?

This is email-only. It will be delivered straight to your inbox.. starting right after you join.

Is it guaranteed?

I guarantee you will feel BETTER by the end of this course than before you started it. If not, let me know and I'll refund you in full. No questions asked.

Purchase for $64