People On Social Media Are Not Real

People on social media are not real.

They are at least one part removed from real.

You might think of them as electronic doppelgängers.

Therefore, to form a picture of a person from a social media structure is difficult.

You are likely to never quite get it right.

And so you want to be careful of the conclusions you draw when viewing a Facebook profile.

Remember you are dealing with something nearly real, at best.

Social media accounts are a simulation of a human after careful editing.

We show what we want to.

And so..

You see what they want you to see.

Online, we are as real as an Instagram photo.

And just as the filter applied to the image changes the image…

The filter applied to the person changes the person.

We share our edited story.



Consider this the next time you view your ex lover / new date / the neighbour across the street (etc) through the lens of an online persona.

In your corner,
Michael Fulmer

PS. The flip side to this is to look at the edited story you are sharing.

Of course…

If you wanted to be perceived differently, it is only a matter of editing your persona to match.

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