Second Chance

“How to Outwit Your Ex’s Negative Feelings so You Have the Best Chance They Will Come Back to You”

Dear Friend,

Of course you want to save your relationship.

However, you’re stuck on how to do it and even a bit afraid. But you do want to save your relationship, and you will not give it up without a fight.

So, let’s fight for it and make it hard for your ex to move on and forget you, with...

Second Chance

This is definitely the best program I've signed up for (out of five…)


Can you win your ex back… in 10 minutes?



Probably not.


10 minutes is all it takes to learn three very specific lessons which put you in a far stronger position to get your ex back.

No kidding.

Invest just 10 minutes on THESE pages ↓

Second Chance Program Preview

↑ Absorb these three lessons circled in red, and your chance of reuniting rises remarkably.

And watch what happens...

Just 3 Lessons From This Program Can Move Mountains With Your Ex

How do I know?

Because for the past 10+ years I’ve been helping men and women all over the world get their ex back.

And when you’ve been in the trenches as long as I have?

You find out what works.

And I’ve found three particular “secrets” to work very well indeed...

To produce the most positive results from a negative, angry, cold ex!

And so, when YOU soak up these lessons for yourself, you too will find yourself in a wonderful position...

Which is:

The relief of knowing every WORD, MOVE, and ACTION you take henceforth... will give you precisely the BEST chance of saving your relationship.

Imagine having that clarity!

From just reading three lessons...

Unconventional Advice

These lessons are highly unconventional. They contradict a lot of “advice” you may have received elsewhere.

For starters:

You really only need to know one thing to dramatically improve your position with your ex, if you know what I know.

I call it:

The “LOP” Principle ↓

“LOP” makes it EASY to know what to say or do

You will no longer wonder what to do once you learn this LOP principle:

Are you unsure what to say to your ex or your partner?

The “LOP” principle makes it EASY to know what to do or say.

Are you worried if the action you’re thinking of taking will make matters worse?

Not any more.

If it passes the LOP principal, you will know you can proceed!

Imagine what it will be like to know your words and actions will help, not hinder?

To not feel doubt!

It will blow your mind when you see how simple, yet sophisticated and effective the LOP principle is.

AND it will take you just a few minutes to understand it. Which means you can apply it TODAY...

Why These Unconventional Lessons Simply Work… and How You Can Make Up With Your Ex Using Them

I have actually pinpointed three secrets which produce spectacular results in almost any broken relationship.

And “LOP” is just one of them.

When you combine all three? It’s damn hard to get mediocre results:

↑ this is just from applying these simple lessons...

Secret #1: There Are Specific “High Yield” Leverage Points in Your Relationship

We all have these leverage points in our relationships.

And you only need to focus on yours to close the gap between you both.

Everything else will seem superfluous in comparison.

You can have crap relational skills and do better than “professional” counsellors can achieve if you know how to tap into these leverage points.


The HOW is simple when using the “COWN” method.

Yes, COWN is another acronym, and forms one of the three lessons ↓

Psst: in ANY area where you stand against your ex, apply the COWN method and the gap INSTANTLY closes (whether you like it or not!)

So that’s TWO acronyms I’m holding back... LOP and COWN 😉

They’re simple to understand, yet very — and bizarrely — effective!

As this client found:

When you apply the “COWN” method the wall between your ex and you is knocked through.

In fact, you can take 10 minutes to read and understand this... and begin closing the distance with your partner the very next time you see them.

That’s the same result or slightly better than you will get if you have private 1-2-1 coaching with a good ex back expert.

It’s easy once you hit these leverage points with the COWN method... and you will never again wonder what to do (once you see how beautifully effective this method is.)

It’s so simple... you can start implementing this today and there is no way you will see mediocre results.

Secret #2: You Are Uniquely Positioned for Triggering the Right Emotional Responses...

I’m sure you’ve heard this before...

“Humans make decisions based on emotions, and then justify with logic.”

Sounds good. Yet few people act according to this truth. They don’t consider WHICH emotions to elicit, which to avoid, and HOW.

HINT: It’s not what you feel (your feelings are irrelevant)... it’s what your partner feels, experiences and perceives when they think of you.

Your partner simply cannot say “no” if their emotions say “yes” which just so happens to be the state you automatically influence when using the LOP principle...

Secret #3: There Is a Kind of “X-Factor” Nobody Seems to Talk of. And This X-Factor Can Only Be Produced When You Know the Right Combo...

There is this ’Killer’ Combo... I’ve discovered.

You achieve it when you combine the power of COWN with LOP and sprinkle something I call “HAST” on top!

Yes, that’s the THIRD acronym 👀

It’s EASY to adopt the “HAST” attitude, and doing it improves your position with your ex tremendously

HAST is best described as a mentality or attitude you adopt.

I have found it to be very effective whether you are:

  1. Wanting to stop a breakup or divorce;
  2. Wanting to get back with your ex;
  3. Wanting to repair damaged relations...

HAST is a simple attitude to adopt.

But when combined with COWN and LOP, you end up with a killer combo...

It’s 1, 2, 3:

Three lessons, three secrets. So here’s three more things to get you thinking:

  1. Your ex is jaded and EXPECTS you to un-impress them with your attempts to change their mind;
  2. This Second Chance PRIVATE membership re-wires your brain to do what your ex does not expect and makes your position MUCH stronger;
  3. AND, this knowledge upgrade makes you more charismatic and likeable, too... without seeming effort on your part


Make or Break Time

OK —

The internet exists to share information. That is its nature.

So normally I think it’s a great idea to give content away for free.

[You can see examples of that in my newsletter]

But this is a little different.

I require commitment from this point forward because there is no value in free.

Free is a flaw of human nature because if it’s free you won’t value it.

And if it’s free you won’t use it with determination... which means we’d both be letting your ex —and your relationship— go without a fight.

Screw that.

When your house is burning, you don't count the liters of water to put out the fire.

And neither is this the time to count the dollars needed to make it hard for your ex to move on.

That’s why from here I only speak to the determined.

This is 100% commitment time, or don't bother.

So if you were in a serious relationship, and this is someone you love and cherish... but you don't want to try all that hard to get them back? Then close this page.

Nor is this for you if your situ is a, “we were together 3 weeks” kind of thing (though this will still work.)

Another thing?

These are truly unconventional strategies and tactics... and I want to keep this stuff away from the masses who only want to read it and not apply it (pointless.)

There are loads of me-too copycat courses out there. But this isn’t one of them.

So here’s what I’m going to do:

I am charging less than 1/5 of my coaching fee to access this PRIVATE membership program Second Chance (which covers everything you must know if you want the best chance of saving your relationship.)

You can stay a member of Second Chance for life and you will never pay a penny more. Ever.

You will receive a username and password when you go through the sign-up process.

And with your username and password you can access everything I have — and will create in the future — which pertains to saving a relationship (and there is so much I’ve not mentioned, my apologies.)

By the way, don’t worry about info overload. It will take you ten minutes at most to read the KEY principles (enough that you will SEE how this will work for you.)



These three gems:

- The COWN Method
- The LOP principle
- and... HAST?

They represent less than 3% of the strategies, tactics, and lessons inside.

These three (which make for a Killer Combo) are just the most recent additions I’ve made to Second Chance.

There is a lot more inside this program...

How to Buy?

  • Choose one of the options below;
  • You can pay securely through either PayPal, Stripe (all standard debit and credit cards welcomed), or Apple Pay;
  • After payment you’ll be taken to a special page inside to welcome you. While you’re reading my welcome message, your account will be automatically created in the background. At the same time, your full access details will be sent to your inbox.
Second Chance
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Secure payment can be made via:

  • PayPal
  • Stripe

Most debit & credit cards are accepted, and Apple Pay (if you’re hip and modern.)

Over a thousand people went through an older version of this program. You are in safe hands!

Three Things About Your Purchase:

  1. You’ll get everything described so far, and MUCH more besides (there are unadvertised extras a-plenty);
  2. This is a one-off purchase (not a recurring subscription)
  3. Starting from January 1st 2020, I pledge to donate $5 of every sale of Second Chance to the Save the Elephants charity — a UK registered charity.
Save The Elephants Charity Logo

Give yourself —and the elephants— a second chance.


If you don’t agree your odds are better because of the information inside I will refund every penny. No questions asked.

I am blown away at the amount of knowledge and the caring that has gone into everything and can’t recommend it enough. Knowing what I know now, I would pay $1098 for the program because of where it has gotten me in my life. I can say that I am truly proud of the person that I am becoming because its the person that I needed to be if I ever want to be happy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You have turned one of the saddest and most hurtful times into something positive and I am ever gratefulDouglas Barnes, The Plains, VA

In your corner,
Michael Fulmer

PS. When you browse the advice inside you will know you have given yourself a strong advantage in your mission to save your relationship (and your sanity) which you would not feel through any lesser route.

One more thing? The material inside comes from working in the trenches with coaching clients who have paid thousands for my advice. You’re welcome to go that route for the best experience (if I have space) or you can get going now with this private membership.

I’m happy helping you either way.

Second Chance Reviews

“Just a quick to say that in a sea of get back with your ex courses it’s nice to see a course that is ethical and doesn’t treat their ex like a pawn in some game. A course that offers a dignified and conscientious collection of strategies as well as daily emails that are often equal to or even better than the content on your site.

I haven’t taken you up on your offer to email you questions because between your course and the daily emails you seem to have all the bases covered but I just wanted to say good on you for doing the right thing by the couple rather than the right thing for the one who was dumped!

PS I’m a coach and also write courses as well as book which is due out soon so some friendly advice, you need to charge more for your content” — Umech Patel

I wanted to write you back and tell you that your “get your ex back” program is the only program that I will not ask for a refund back, but all the other programs I have bought did not click with me. I like your writing style better than anyone else’s and women that write “get your ex back” programs are too sappy for me. I needed a program from a man’s perspective, and a lot of men have programs that I have read but I requested a refund from them because I kept going back to your program. Your writing style clicked with meSarah

Michael, I have completed the course. What a gift you have given me (and anyone who participates). I don’t know how, why, or where you received this enlightenment ... I am just very grateful for itRon in New York City

I am blown away at the amount of knowledge and the caring that has gone into everything and can’t recommend it enough. Knowing what I know now, I would pay $1098 for the program because of where it has gotten me in my life. I can say that I am truly proud of the person that I am becoming because its the person that I needed to be if I ever want to be happy. I can’t thank you enough for everything you have done. You have turned one of the saddest and most hurtful times into something positive and I am ever gratefulDouglas Barnes, The Plains, VA

Let me just say without pause, what you do in those modules is, well, nothing short of transformative for debilitation, lack of progress, and general malaise in relationship dilemmas – and I say this coming from reading countless self-help books, and long-term therapy! It assists, as you so correctly keep pointing out, with a reasoned and more informed outlook as to ALL past relationships and their effect upon us, whether with friends, siblings, parents or partnersAnon, from Los Angeles

Michael I would just love to thank you for all your expert help and advice.... I have followed your suggestion to tee... And found that my ex is more in love with me now than she has ever been and I thank you very kindly from the bottom of my heartJames

Again, thank you as this has been the most surprising level of peace, comfort, guidance and aid that I can remember reading or receivingAnon, from Los Angeles

Second Chance
Pay Once, Use Forever
Free Updates Forever
UNFAZED Email Course:
once sold for $197

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The Best “Second Chance” Program There Is!

Second Chance houses a goldmine of know-how aimed entirely at stopping your breakup or lovers rejection.

If you are looking to maximize your odds of:

  1. Stopping a breakup 👍
  2. Stopping a divorce 👍
  3. Getting your ex back 🙌
  4. Defeating relationship disputes 👍
  5. Repairing damaged relations 👍

Whether you’re a man, woman, old or young...

Inside Second Chance is where you’ll find IT.

Frequently Asked Questions

01 — My situation is unique. Will Second Chance work for me?

Most people believe their situation to be far too unique for any course or program to be effective. Instead, I’ve discovered that while the details can be unique, the underlying forces are NOT, and a correct understanding of those forces and how to use them to your advantage is far more important than how unique the details are.

02 — We have children. Will this still work?

Yes, of course.

03 — My ex is seeing somebody else. Should I give up?

Absolutely not. This isn’t uncommon — your ex is having a rebound relationship. Which means they still have unfinished emotions to process. And by not properly adjusting to the end of your relationship first, your ex is walking in an emotional minefield (most rebound relationships end for good reasons.)

04 — What if I require more help, and can’t find the answer inside?

I encourage members to email me whenever they need clarification, or if they have a problem not yet covered in Second Chance.

Then, each month I sit down and go through any questions I’ve received, and where it makes sense, I will “fill in the gaps” inside the PRIVATE membership program.

Your questions help make this a better experience for everyone.

05 — Will you respond to my questions?

If you have a technical problem (access issues etc) then of course.

Keep in mind that Second Chance is priced as the “DIY” option (meaning: economical) rather than priced for personal 1-on-1 advice.

06 — Can you guarantee I will get my ex back?

Of course not. Guarantees of that nature are not possible, nor ethical. And in some cases, some people are better off going their separate ways.

Second Chance isn’t ONLY about “getting your ex back.” Far from it. Saving your relationship, or stopping a divorce, or break up... is ONE goal. And this is a key component of the program. However, it isn’t the ONLY goal.

Whether or not your relationship should — or CAN — be saved, is just one of several dimensions you must consider.

Whether you save your relationship, or not... you still enter the non-optional adjustment phase, and processing the hurt and getting your head straight is paramount to future happiness — irrespective of whether that’s in a relationship with your ex... or somebody else, or simply enjoying the single life.

The value of Second Chance is much broader and far-reaching than your typical “ex back” guide.

07 — Are there ongoing membership fees or anything like that I need to know about?


The core Second Chance PRIVATE membership is a one-time purchase, lifetime access deal.

You will never be added to a recurring payment agreement.

08 — If I change my mind, can I get a refund?

Yes. Second Chance comes with a 60-day money-back guarantee.