Signs She May Breakup with You

Do you have doubts about your relationship?

No one wants to go through a breakup. Even the one who initiates a breakup will suffer. So if you’re picking up clues that your girlfriend may leave you, you’re probably feeling anxious right now.

I’m sorry to hear that.

Well, let’s first look at the obvious signs of a possible breakup..

You Feel Less Important?

While no one should expect the intensity of the “honey moon” phase to last forever, if you feel you are being ignored more than “makes sense” for your situation, you’d be right to be concerned.


Consider if this is explainable by stress or changes in her circumstance. You should be open minded enough to explore all the options.

Is it possible she has a lot on her plate, and that the attention you’ve noticed waning recently is not about you at all?


This ties in with the above.

If your plans are being aborted by her, and your calls are going to answerphone etc, it’s possible she has doubts about the relationship.

It makes sense that she’d want to avoid you, or minimise the time you spend together, IF leaving you is the plan.

Sadly, this behaviour COULD also be explainable by other reasons.

But generally…

It’s not good news when your girlfriend avoids you.

No More Planning

If previously you found she was happy to talk about the future with you, but now not so much..?

Then it’s reasonable to assume she has had a change of heart.

Usually when things are going well, both parties will be comfortable talking about future plans and goals.

We will talk about the big stuff (marriage, living together, family) and the not so big (career etc) AND the tiny (weekend plans).. and you won’t feel any unusual resistance.

If this changes..

You will want to investigate further.


Are you feeling left out?

Do you feel like there’s more going on in your girlfriends life than you are privy to?

It’s possible she just has a lot going on, and her mind is elsewhere.

Or perhaps she wants to open up with you, but has not gotten reassurance from you that you’re ready to listen?

However, if that’s not the case then yes.. it is possible this is another sign she is about to leave you.


The above are the main obvious signs to look for. There’s not much mystery here..

If she’s ignoring, avoiding, you? If she’s cold or secretive, indifferent.. or suddenly avoids talking about future plans with you…

Then it’s your duty to investigate the matter and see what is really going on.

The Breakup is Not Forever

If your girlfriend does end the relationship, please give yourself time to retreat and gather yourself before you make any hasty decisions.

Try not to let your emotions drive your actions!

Remember that breakups are not necessarily final, and that many couples reunite.

If you want to keep that possibility alive, taking a step back is a solid first step.

It is normal to lash out after receiving the news, but this does not help.

In a future update of this article, I’ll expand on the lesser known signs.

Thanks for reading,

— Michael

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