Unrequited Love

Love That is Not Returned in Kind

Last updated: February 14th, 2020

Michael Fulmer

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Most people are familiar with the subject of “unrequited love” as it is a popular aspect of our culture.

Through the stories shared in popular movies and books, and in the songs we listen to, love is a common theme.

Both the good and the bad.

What is Unrequited love?

Unrequited love is love that moves in one direction only. It is also known as one-sided love.

The one who is loved may not necessarily be aware of the admirer's feelings. Or, they might be perfectly aware and choose to reject or ignore it!

In any case, when your love is not reciprocated in kind, you are experiencing unrequited love.

And you are far from alone.

What Causes Unrequited Love?

When we do not feel attraction for another, or the attraction is blocked, the deep emotional bonding required for love can not take hold.

Of course, love, and what causes a man or woman to be desirable, is a big topic.

Physical attraction is one level. But only the tip of the iceberg.

Moral values, status, intelligence, charm, emotional connection, etc. each play a role.

According to Dr Roy Baumeister, falling for someone more desirable than oneself —who has a higher market value— creates the mismatch which can cause unrequited love.

And let's not ignore how platonic friendship also provides ample ingredients for unrequited love, too.

To develop romantic feelings, we first require regular encounters in which said feelings may grow.

Any situation that places two or more people together —especially with high frequency— can spark affection.

Common examples include the workplace, school, or indeed any group activity.


How do you treat unrequited love?

In most cases, the healthy and sensible thing to do is move on with the hope of finding mutual love.

To help overcome unreciprocated love, consider travelling or pursuing a worthy goal.

However, what if your love has not always been unrequited?

After you break up, you may find your affections have become one-way. In which case, you may investigate your options to restore the connection.

This is the goal of this website: Undo A Breakup

Only once you have exhausted —within reason— your options to get your ex back should you divert your energy to the path of moving on.

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