In a Hurry? Here’s When You Can Reunite Fast

When it comes to reuniting with loved ones, the process can appear slow and daunting; however, what if it could be quick? Well, it can be under the right circumstances.

For example, you can get your ex back fast when:

  • Neither of you had planned to break up (e.g., you had an argument that got out of hand.)
  • You are in an on-again, off-again relationship and have reunited quickly before.
  • There are no non-negotiable obstacles standing in the way, and both of you want a quick resolution.

Let’s expand —

There was no plan to break up:

If your breakup was hasty and your partner had no intention of ending things, you may be able to patch things up quickly. It’s not uncommon for arguments to escalate to the point where neither side is willing to “back down.” If so, putting your pride aside and saying, “Sorry, can we talk?” may be the quickest way to resolve the situation. Take a day or two off and tell them you’ve been silly and that you love them. If your ex had no prior plan to end the relationship, they will gladly meet you halfway.

You could reunite in a matter of hours or days if neither of you truly wanted to be apart.

You are in an on-again, off-again relationship:

An on-again, off-again relationship is when you have frequent cycles of breaking up and reuniting. If that describes you, then there’s a fair chance you will complete the cycle and end up together again.

Use the past to guide you —if making amends typically comes after admitting you were a plonker, you might as well cut to the chase so you can get back together fast.

There are no non-negotiable obstacles:

The term “non-negotiable obstacle” is used to describe a problem in a relationship that cannot be solved or compromised upon by the partners, no matter how hard they try. This could be a deeply held belief, value, or lifestyle choice that one or both partners are unwilling to compromise on. When a relationship encounters a non-negotiable obstacle, it can make it difficult or even impossible for the relationship to continue, as the obstacle may be so significant that it creates an irreparable rift between partners. A classic example is when one partner wants children and the other does not.

If you do not have a non-negotiable obstacle standing in your way and you both would prefer a fast resolution, then a fast reunion is only a matter of laying your cards on the table.


You can get your ex back fast if neither of you planned on breaking up, you have a pattern of breaking up and reuniting, or there aren’t any non-negotiable obstacles preventing a successful reunion.

Of course, there are other factors that can bring about a quick resolution, like a lottery win, for example (smile.) The point is that reconciliation can happen fast when both parties want the same thing.

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