About Michael Fulmer, and undoabreakup.com

Hello, I'm Michael Fulmer.

I'm the advice-giver and writer behind all the words on this website, and I also write the amazing daily letter which I publish to inboxes all over the world.

When I'm not doing that, I'm personally coaching clients — and have done so for years — helping them to cope and grow strong through this difficult time in their life.

Who Am I?

I'm a happily married, 37 year old guy living in the UK. We live in a small, charming town that's a short drive from one of the best cities the UK has — Bath (it's a beautiful city which you must visit if you ever get the chance.)

I'm a very private kind of guy. You won't find me on Facebook. Or a picture. Although I may change that later.. though no promises.

I know that's pretty rare these days. It is almost expected that you'd find a profile picture on the "about" page. But not here.

What's My Story?

Since my late teens, I've had an insatiable appetite to better understand what makes us tick (especially myself) and the world around me.

I would rather stand back and watch the world go by than get stuck in myself.. even if that means I miss out on some of the fun (smile.)

And honestly, I have never been interested in "falling into line," and following the herd. Even if that's an uncomfortable way to live (and it is) I just can't bring myself to do it.

I want to know why people do what they do. What drives us. What controls us.. and how we become stuck in the routines that many unconsciously do.

I have always wanted to live life my own way, and on my own terms (which is one reason I don't follow the herd and post pictures and share what I had for breakfast.)

But enough of that!

Unremarkably, I do a lot of reading. And I think you'd be mad not to. Imagine assuming that there was nothing worth knowing beyond your immediate "sources" (like your teachers, peers, people "of authority," the news.. the media.)

Quite. So I read.

And, when the mood strikes? I write, too.

Which brings us here.

Oh, and let me just say that without a doubt, your reason for being here is far from ideal. And I get that. So I appreciate you stopping by.


On this website I write exclusively for the suddenly-single, or those on the verge of a breakup. I offer advice for dealing with a breakup, on preparation for recovery, and the steps to saving the relationship.

But you should know..

Most of what I write isn't publicly viewable.

I prefer, and always have done, to write and communicate through email. So I write a daily "letter" which you can receive freely direct to your inbox.

I just prefer "my voice" when delivered through the medium of email.

Oh, email subscribers also get access to some hidden content here on the website as a thank you for letting me into their email inbox.

How I Help

A few ways, actually.

If you find yourself suddenly-single and want help, there's a good chance your visit here alone will assist.


There are a number of articles on this website you can start with today.

For example, if you're not sure whether to fight for your ex, or to let it go.. then jump here and let me help you with that.

To see ALL the articles that are available to you, go and check out the breakup know-how page. It's the "index" of the site.


If you want something more than that, become an email subscriber so you can receive my daily emails.

Inside each you'll find a tip to help you in this difficult time.

Plus I will share with you additional content not available to the public (I give you links to this extra content inside the emails.)

This doesn't cost you a penny.


I offer a very comprehensive solution — a full breakup to make-up (and beyond) program — that is entirely of my own creation. So you won't have seen it already.

Only email subscribers are invited to see it.


I provide 1-2-1 email support and coaching directly with myself.

Check out my Emergency Email Response if you have a specific, or narrow set of questions, which you'd like me to fully address in double-quick time.

Check out Email Coaching if you'd like me to help you daily move toward your goal (surviving the breakup, and / or help you get your ex back) over a 30 day period.


Think that's about it?

Thanks for stopping by.

My best wishes to you,

Michael Fulmer


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