Revive Your Love: Unique Strategies for Rekindling Lost Flames

Welcome to the realm of possibilities, where broken hearts can be mended and love reborn. I’m Michael Fulmer, your dedicated Relationship Renovator, and I’m here to help you breathe new life into your wilted love story. If you’re feeling the sting of a recent breakup and yearn for that special connection once more, you’ve found the perfect sanctuary to begin your journey of reconciliation.

With a decade of experience getting people back into the arms of their loved ones, I’ve put together a collection of effective strategies and life-changing insights that have helped rekindle a lot of love stories. Join me as I show you how to reignite the passion and find the bond that once brought you and your partner together. Together, we’ll transform the ashes of your romance into the embers of a renewed love that burns brighter than ever.

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My girlfriend and I broke up last week. I followed your instructions and we are back together — Erick Nelson

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Feeling incomplete? I’m sorry you broke up and find yourself confused, hurt, and lost. What you need is simple, practical guidance to get you through this challenging time. Together we can work to reunite you with your ex.

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Useful Definitions

It helps to know the meaning behind the words we use to describe interpersonal relationships and the problems we face.

Let’s look at them now.

Types of Relationships

By Marriage:

  • Spouse
  • Open marriage
  • Polygamy
    • Polyandry
    • Polygyny
  • Group marriage
  • Mixed-orientation


  • Significant other
  • Boyfriend
  • Girlfriend
  • Cohabitation
  • Same-sex
  • Life partner
  • Friendship
    • romantic
    • cross-sex
    • zone

Types of Breakup

The end of a relationship is called a relationship breakup, breakup, or break-up. When one partner starts the process, the act is often called “dumping” in slang.

When a married couple breaks up, it’s typically called separation or divorce. And when a couple who were planning to marry break up, we call it a “broken engagement.”

People usually think of breakups in terms of romantic relationships, but some breakups aren’t romantic. These are called platonic breakups, and they happen when friends stop being friends.

Want personal guidance? I offer ex back coaching (both monthly and one-off coaching “shots” for quick answers to your questions.) One-on-one consulting is the ultimate way to navigate this difficult time.

About the author: Michael Fulmer is a breakup repair consultant and relationship coach. He publishes the Ex-Communication newsletter to inboxes all over the world. He also runs the Breakup Dojo, where he teaches you to make the right moves to outwit your ex’s negative feelings. Michael has been undoing breakups since 2011. No fancy suits, videos, or fake smiling photos. You won’t find Michael featured on Youtube, either.