How to Reverse Your Breakup and Fix Your Heartbreak

I am sorry you are looking to undo your breakup.

To be blunt, this probably feels like one of the worst times of your life.

My name is Michael Fulmer. And I specialise in breakup recovery and reconciliation. Especially for long-term serious relationships.

I don’t know if you have ever thought of it like this? But..

Your relationship ended the moment you and your partner no longer agreed what you were to each other.

And you know.. it is likely that moment was different for your ex than it was for you (maybe you still see your ex as your partner.)

In any case?

Here’s the truth on what undoing a breakup really means:

Most of the time, we try to get back with our ex because we can’t stand the pain of being apart from them.

Ergo, we chase our ex to end the pain.

Think about that.


Undoing a breakup can happen before or after the official “dumping” ceremony occurs.

We can stop the breakup if we see the signs early enough and act appropriately.


We can reverse the breakup if we were too late to see the warning signs.

And either way can be successful.

Yet on a deeper level?

What you — the heartbroken — seek most is to undo your pain.

Never forget that.

I’ve discovered that life will always give you what you need (not what you necessarily want.)

So let me help you.

I teach how conflict can improve a relationship.

And in turn — on a personal level — I show how a break up can shake up a life to allow a transformation to arise.

You can become better, not bitter.

Whether you pursue your ex back or later make peace with the single life..

It is only a matter of how you direct your energy.

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“My girlfriend and I broke up last week. I followed your instructions and we are back together” — Erick Nelson