You can stop or reverse your breakup (even if you’re the only one trying!)

Hello, I fix troubled relationships. If you find yourself single, you are in the right place. Follow my advice, and you can reverse your breakup! I’ve been teaching men and women to undo their breakup for more than ten years, so I have a good idea of what works.

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I’m sorry you broke up and find yourself confused, hurt, and lost. What you need is simple, practical guidance to get you through this challenging time. Together we can work to reunite you with your ex.

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A personal message from Michael Fulmer:

Couples reunite every day

I see couples reunite every day in my line of work. But not all couples should (gasp!)

Who’s to say in 3 months you won’t be happier staying single for a while or being in a new relationship?

For that reason, start by asking yourself if getting together is the right goal for you and your ex.

Ask yourself:

  1. Did we have something special worth saving?
  2. Are we compatible for a long life together?

Please be honest.

If you answer yes to both questions, you can focus on what to do, safe in the knowledge you are not heading down a dead end.

With that, you can find guides showing you what to do to undo your breakup.

They are easy to find with a quick search.

For example, you can visit discussion forums if you want to read about other’s going through a breakup.

And of course, there are how-to products which cost money. If you go that route, watch out for crazy claims. Some paid-for guides will give you an edge. Some will not, (e.g., “learn the secrets to making your ex crawl back into your arms.”)

Whatever route you take, I recommend you have a structure to follow. A good plan helps to contain your volatile emotions. A great plan will skyrocket your odds of getting the outcome you want.

In 2012, I put together an emergency breakup plan because I knew recently broke up people act hasty.

I wanted my clients to take their steps with confidence. To know how to create the best chance of reuniting.

I still have the “emergency breakup plan” PDF on my hard drive. It was popular!

But in 2015, I got serious and created a proper ex-back program.

Each year I improve this program making the 2021 version better than ever.

But we can talk about that later if you want.

Can I be frank?

Coping with your breakup is hard

Few things hit us as hard as a breakup.

I’m sorry a breakup is what brings you here today. I do not doubt your pain for a second.

Because of your pain, you must be careful when taking advice. Across the web, the recently “dumped” are often mislead or given wrong instructions.

Some people will underestimate the pain of a breakup.

They have either forgotten the pain or live in denial from not moving on from their own “special someone.”

There are also those who seek to convert your misery into money!

Watch out for bold claims. Some promise you’ll be together again —“guaranteed”— if you obey the magic words in their eBook. Your heartache is a niche to profit from and put food on the table.

But it’s not all bad. So be mindful, not paranoid! It is how the world is and not unique to undoing breakups. While I want you to be cautious, I should stress there are GOOD people with great products which will help you.

Lot’s of people want to help.

Pay attention, and you will soon spot the difference between cheats and those who are the real deal. It’s vital to have the best in your corner.

If reading these words prepares you, I’ve done my good deed for the day.

One more thing.

Please know no matter the words I use, they will not 100% describe the pain you are feeling.

Some things in life can only be experienced. So I wanted to let you know I recognize this truth. And that I am sorry you are going through this.

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The Complete Guide

Learn about the no contact rule: What it means, why do it, and for how long. Includes an FAQ section and a warning for how this tactic can backfire.

The problem with asking how to get your ex girlfriend back (etc.) is you expose yourself to a lot of the same advice (yawn.) Let’s look at what’s ahead.

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A no contact calculator for everyone. Just answer 3 quick questions. Find out how much time to give your ex in ~20 seconds

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    About the author: Michael Fulmer is a breakup consultant and writer of The Ex-Communication newsletter. Creator of Breakup Dojo and Second Chance, teaching “how to outwit your ex’s negative feelings.” Michael has been repairing breakups since 2011. No fancy suits, shooting videos, or posting fake smiling photos. Michael —“as not featured on Youtube”— Fulmer.