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My name is Michael Fulmer and I give relationship advice for the recently single.

Let's fix your breakup! Regular people just like you have been undoing their breakups using my advice for ten years now. From all over the world. So I have an idea of what works...

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A personal message from Michael Fulmer:

A Broken Heart Leaves You Vulnerable

Few things in life hit as hard as a breakup.

I’m so sorry to know this is what brings you here today. I would not dare doubt your pain for a second.

Important: If you are wondering what your chances of getting back together are, I have a sincere answer to that (just follow the link.)

With that out the way, I will be frank:

Some of the advice given to the recently “dumped” is misleading, wrong, or flat-out inappropriate.

Please be careful out there.

Some people grossly underestimate the pain of a breakup.

They have either forgotten the pain or live in denial from not moving on from their own “special someone.”

And other’s just want to convert your misery into money...

They’ll make bold claims you will be together again —“guaranteed”— thanks to some magical combination of words found in their eBook.

Sadly, your problem is just a niche to profit from.

So yes, be mindful of that. Though not paranoid! This is just how the world is. Not unique to undoing breakups. While I want you to be cautious, I must stress there are GOOD people and good products available, too.

Lot’s of people genuinely want to help.

Hopefully, with some effort, you will be able to tell the difference between the inconsiderate and those who will stand in your corner.

If reading these words prepares you well, then I’ve done my good deed for the day :-)

Lastly —before you jump in— please know no matter the words I use here, they will not perfectly describe the pain you are feeling. Some things can only be experienced. So I wanted to let you know I recognize this truth. And frankly, how sorry I am you are going through this.

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