Do What I Say to Undo a Breakup 👇

I’m Michael Fulmer, a full time, 12-years running breakup recovery expert and relationship coach. If you find yourself single when you don’t want to be, you are in the right place. I’ve been showing men and women how to undo a breakup since 2011, so i know what works. In fact, caveats aside, i’ll give you the big picture of what works right now:

  1. Don’t be an idiot
  2. Get your shit together (stand up straight, don’t be weird, prepare for a process not an event)
  3. “Unfaze-ify” yourself (kill neediness)
  4. Be cool when you make contact

Sound good?

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My girlfriend and I broke up last week. I followed your instructions and we are back together — Erick Nelson

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About the author: hey. I’ve been a relationship coach specialising in breakup recovery for 12+ years. I’ve helped thousands reunite. I also run the Breakup Dojo, a popular resource with over 1,000 members. And i’ve authored several other in-demand breakup recovery products, drawing from my deep fascination with psychology. I currently run this business from a small town near Bath, England, where I also publish the “ex-communication” newsletter that’s packed with actionable advice to over 10,000 subscribers worldwide.