What Are The Chances You Will Get Your Ex Back?

The truth about the odds of saving your relationship.

If you have been wondering how to get your ex back in the late of night, then you surely are wondering what chance you have to do that?

I get asked this question every week. Both from the men and women who find themselves suddenly single, and from those who have been trying to save their relationship for months.

Often I am pressed to give a percentage figure (50%, 15%, etc..) for the chance of success, as though there is a calculator for that.

OK. Hold that thought.

Let me come at this from a different angle —

Your situation is fragile and your time is valuable.

First, you should know I’m not for everyone.

If you are in the early stages of a relationship (at the time you broke up,) I won’t be as helpful to you as I am for those exiting a serious relationship.

For the latter, my knowledge and expertise will be beneficial.

If your relationship was serious?

I can likely help you improve your situation favorably and indeed your personal attitude.

And right there, we have a hint about the odds or chances of success…

But wait a second…

You may be wondering:

“Who says they can likely help me? Shouldn’t he be telling me he can guarantee my ex will come running back by tomorrow?!”

Right. But that’s not how I do things here.

I understand — and I’m not afraid to embrace — the uncertainty of the situation you are in.

See, relationship “success” is not an event. It is a process.

And to maximize the chance of success, we must use the best strategies we can for the situation at hand. And work at it daily.


Because the better the strategy (and the application of it..) the better the result you can expect.

That simple.

So Can You Get Your Ex Back?

I want to be candid and share a few words with you that most wouldn’t because they are scared to be real.

For those wondering, “can I get my ex back?” let me be blunt:

I don’t know.

How could any human know?

What I can say, though, is:

IF you do everything right then in return you will have increased your chances the most that you could.

That’s the reality.

“Everything right?” —

Just quickly:

To find out what “everything right” looks like, you might get coaching OR you might follow some guide you find online, or something more comprehensive from a paid course.

And in general? The better the source, the closer to “everything right” you’ll get.

Make sense?


However —

Even when you do everything right…

You MUST accept that your ex has FREE WILL which means they’re free to do as they please (just as it should be.)

But you know?…

Looking around, I see this plain fact appears to be ignored.

Maybe you have also seen these promises which pretend free will does not exist? E.g.:

  • “This ninja technique will have your ex running back to you…”
  • “When you follow my steps your ex will be begging you to take them back”
  • “We have a 93.6% success rate…”


It’s like these “experts” found a way to overrule free will (which is impossible.)

In reality, these claims are fabricated to play on your deep desire to believe you can get what you want. They print these claims because they know you are more likely to accept what you already want to be true (and all the more so when vulnerable.)

So when I see that in an article or sales page? I feel anger.

So for my own sanity, I want to be very clear with you —

You might not get your ex back.

That’s right. I’m fed up with people telling you they’ll get your ex back quickly, or that they’ll teach you a “secret technique” to make your ex “weak at the knees,” and have them begging you to take them back. Please…

This is dishonest.

My view?

I’ll show you what CAN work (not will) and how to not demean yourself (or your ex) in the process (important.) This is what I do professionally (meaning I am paid to do so.)

I know how to increase your chances and get you to a much stronger position, even in a difficult time. And yes, some of my best (paid) advice is unconventional but only because I am not repeating the same ideas as everyone else.

So that’s what I do.

Understand —

This is more ART than science. It is not going to be perfect. The results are not repeatable. This is not “how to fly a plane” which IS science and IS predictable and IS guaranteed to succeed if you follow the steps correctly.

I want you to understand that ALL the books, videos, membership programs, courses etc available to you, are more PARTIAL solutions with a chance factor built-in.

Some have a better chance factor in them than others because they have better ideas in them.

Simple as that.

Think of it like this:

The better the source of information you follow
the better you apply it
the amount your “chance dial” turns up

I specialise in turning the “chance dial” up as far as possible while protecting the self-worth and pride of both parties (which is part of my secret sauce, if you will.)

My own course(s) and coaching focus on everything you CAN do and CAN control that CAN improve your situation. And yes this includes ways to INFLUENCE your ex toward your most wanted goal.

You can’t force the result you want, but you can be smarter about how you approach this, and consider how to make your ex want you back.

Bottom line —

I can’t promise that you will get your ex back. But neither can anyone else in the entire world. However, plenty will make promises they can’t keep, and will think being dishonest with you is OK. But I don’t.

Just know that you DO have a chance, and accept that this is all you need to know. Because the time you spend trying to gauge the possibility or do quizzes is time better spent on something else… like on finding out!

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About the author: Michael Fulmer founded undoabreakup.com in 2011. He gives breakup recovery advice to clients all over the world. To help more people, he has also produced online programs showing men and women how to create their best chance of saving the relationship.