People on social media are not real. They are at least one part removed from real. You might think of them as electronic doppelgängers. Therefore, to form a picture of a person from a social media structure is difficult. You are likely to never quite get it right. And so you want to be careful […] Read More

Let’s say you wanted my help. One-to-one. And pronto, for any number of reasons .. Could be: You hear your ex is in a rebound relationship, so what now? You know some guy or girl is showing interest, will make their moves .. and you feel sudden urgency to do something about it.. Maybe you […] Read More

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about humans recently, it’s that what they say they’ll do is almost always different to what they actually do. Example: Today, between 11:53 and 12:53, I’m expecting delivery of the new Apple TV. I’m excited, sure. But Monday just gone, I told my wife we’d wait on this. We […] Read More

When Halloween swings by you’ll usually find me sat in the dark, curtains closed, pretending I’m not home. But you know what? It’s one gloomy miserable Thursday. And I’m not sure hiding this year is the answer. So I’m tempted to check-in with the wife. See if we maybe do something different this time.. Now. […] Read More