get a shot of advice by email for only thirty dollars

not sure what to do about your difficult or painful breakup? you’ll want to get an expert’s opinion.

let’s try something different.

offer: if you’d like to get unstuck about something keeping you awake at night, send me $30 and a single 300-word email that:

  1. explains your dilemma
  2. states your objective or question

then kick back and wait.

your $30 buys you a single “shot” of coaching from yours truly.

(short and to the point.)

turnaround time: 48 hours

need a quicker response? during checkout you can choose to upgrade the turnaround time.

so —

  • if you’re not making progress relationship-wise
  • you want more clarity
  • you’re stuck on a decision
  • you want the 2nd opinion of someone who doesn’t know you or your partner…
  • you don’t know your next step (etc)

this could be just the ticket.

recap + next steps ↓

in a nutshell:

  • you get a direct 1-to-1 reply from michael fulmer via email (so don’t worry about combing your hair or wearing a fancy shirt.)
  • my reply will be brief so you can get on with your life.
  • price: $30

“$30 isn’t a lot. but the conversations i’m having are life changing.”

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pay securely: paypal, stripe, apple pay (all usual debit/credit cards)

refund policy: purchases are non-refundable due to my time being non-refundable.

offer ending: when i change my mind…

finding a relationship coach who is right for you can be a time-consuming and expensive exercise.

and all too often, you will go without the professional help you need to change your circumstances.

this is an affordable way to get coaching from michael fulmer. with the rate of divorce in the usa exceeding 50%, there isn’t a day that goes by that someone somewhere doesn’t need help from a relationship coach.