here’s how to make your husband come running back

the tips below can help bring your husband back to you.

of course, getting him back won’t be a walk in the park. but it is well worth the effort.

put aside the issues

whatever issues you have with him are best put aside for now. while it is okay to reflect on why he left or what either of you could have done better, this is not the time to focus on problems.

for now, keep in mind you married each other for a reason and everyone makes mistakes.

maybe he was insensitive or lost his cool. maybe you did something regretful. it doesn’t make it right but for now let things simmer down.

telling him how imperfect he is when there is a wall between you will only strengthen the wall. it is human nature to defend ourselves, so abstain from pointing any fingers.

you’re both human and living life imperfectly. put aside the differences for now. you can always figure out later whether or not to do this thing called life together.

stay positive

any effort you make to lift your mood will be effort well spent. i know it is hard to stay positive during heartbreak. be compassionate with yourself; you are supposed to feel the way you do. just see what you can do, given the circumstances, to move in the right direction.

one tip here is to make a deliberate effort to see the good in your life, no matter how small. do that and you will find more good things, and life will look a little better for it.

this benefits you in getting your husband back, too.

men are attracted to happy women.

not over-the-top fake happy…

think authentic, measured optimism.

short and sweet

you probably have a thousand things running through your mind and a million things to say. but it’s in your best interest to remain calm and keep things short.

long conversations tend to get drawn out and may lead you down the wrong road.

when you talk to him, make life easier for him and for you.


by being brief.

short, upbeat messages are the key.

speak in a positive light.

then retreat to whatever you were doing.

let him see your light side…

be a great listener

men talk less. it is not a problem, it is merely nature. that said, when he does talk, take it on aboard. think about what you can say to expand on his interests. and listen some more.

men are not as comfortable speaking their feelings as women are, so do not be offended if he keeps his cards close to his chest.

however, if you help him feel safe, he may open up. this is a great way to regain his trust and strengthen the bond with him.

reassure him that you are not there to judge or fight him on every issue.

then, when he feels that emotional safety he may open up with you and have a deep and meaningful conversation.

act pleased

if he is making grand gestures or going out of his way to do small things to please you, take those efforts with a smile. you deserve it and it will only replenish your relationship.

on the other hand, if he is not making any particular effort, don’t let that spoil your mood. instead, look for things going well in other areas of your life, and keep moving forward.

say thank you

thank him for the little things he might still be doing even after he left.

for instance, if he kept paying the bills for the house, picking up the kids, or asking how your day was, focus on those small efforts and make sure he knows you are appreciative.

gratitude is attractive.

smile more

with all this pain, it can be hard not to feel angry.

even so, pay more attention to your happiness. what can you do to lift your mood?

whatever it is, do it.

your happiness and your smile will radiate toward him; he will notice.

make an effort to be happy more of the time, regardless of all the tough times you’re both going through.

plus, we look more beautiful when we are smiling.

keep fighting

you may sometimes feel that it isn’t worth your time and effort to save your marriage.

this is normal.

but don’t let a momentary lapse in motivation decide your future for you.

is it possible you are taking score too soon?

it is common to feel discouraged when facing an uphill battle, like fighting for your husband.

it may seem hard in the moment, but focus on what you want in the long run.

stay strong. and use a map to stay on track.

get flirty

don’t be scared to unpack your flirting skills.

perhaps you’ve let them rust over the years…

this is a great time to renew your lighter and more playful side. especially now that you’re single again.

you should let him know that the person he fell in love with is still there in front of him.

flirting will also boost your confidence and remind your man why he fell in love and got married in the first place.

a timelapse photo of a long winding road that goes over a bridge. you can cleary see a dash of red lines showing the movement of something travelling along the wall. it gives the impression of something running at speed.

how to make your husband come running back to you

your job is to make it easier for him to want you back. easier and more desirable than moving on.

take your time with this. understand that you are embarking on a journey, and like any worthwhile journey, it must not be rushed.

it’s also vital that your attitude and behaviour toward him is mostly consistent.

you do not want him seeing you flip from happy to angry in a heartbeat. optimistic this week, depressed the next.

show him you are controlled.

every tip in this article can help stack the odds in your favour, and i recommend using them all if you want your husband to come back to you.

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