Relationship Services

Expert one-to-one coaching to get your ex back and more...

If you would like help with a relationship problem, for example:

  • Help to get your ex back;
  • Help to negotiate with your ex;
  • Coping with your breakup;
  • Banish dating woes (either getting dates or keeping them);
  • Help with handling conflicts;
  • Affair survival;
  • Trust issues...;
  • Long distance dilemmas..
  • etc

Then work with Michael Fulmer!

No More Second Guessing

Frankly you can't beat private 1-2-1 help.

Especially from an expert who is not close to the problem. Someone who understands the nuances of the matter at hand because they've dealt with it hundreds of times before.

That is what you get when you work with me.

I will direct you away from the fog and confusion toward clarity and space so you'll operate at your best. No more second-guessing about what to do or when.

My clients make progress every day because they are not weighed down with indecision.

Removing the obstacles and providing clear instruction is what I do every single day. So why not for you?

If you feel stuck or lost then you will not be making the best choices right now. And that means you are living a life less than you deserve.

It does not have to be that way.

When you work with me you get the vital input of an expert guiding you forward to more of what is right for you and what you want in life.

What Next?

My schedule varies.

The simplest thing to do?

Add yourself to the waiting list below.

My system will then send you an email detailing all current options available.

Heads up! We can begin working together right-away thanks to a new "mini" service I have launched. When you sign up below, details will be rushed to your inbox.

Note: You have no obligation to take up my services when you join this waiting list. I understand that situations change, and you might not be ready to work with me at the time a slot opens up (etc.)

If you are unsure, I still recommend adding yourself to the list because you then at least will have the option to work with me.