Why Do Exes Come Back When You Moved On

Three Powerful Factors That Pull Your Ex Back When You Move On

Last updated: December 12th, 2019

Michael Fulmer

When you move on from your ex you tap into at least three powerful factors that —even when taken alone— can pull your ex back.

In this article I cover all three.

Warning: the reasons given below for why exes come back only after you move on will make your eyes roll, and mouth exclaim, “wow, humans really are odd.”

You have been warned!

Wait: If I Want My Ex to Come Back, Do I Need to Move On?

Before I cover the three factors explaining this oddity, a couple points:

First, this page speaks to just one of the reasons why couples reunite.

There are many routes to the same destination!

Second, you do not have to move on.

Only that, if you are struggling to make head way with your ex, you could do a lot worse than to move on.

Indeed, I have noticed over the past decade or so how some clients found their turning point came only after they had moved on.

Here’s a recent example:

Michael, Why did my ex only show signs of wanting me back when I moved on already, whereas before it was like talking to a wall?!

The fact is, many heartbroken men and women go on to win their ex back because they moved on, creating a turning point.


You can kind of make your ex want you back by showing him or her you have moved on (maybenothing is for certain of course, no guarantees and all that... just that if you want to maximise your chances, you shouldn’t ignore this option.)

Why Do Exes Come Back?

Why Do Exes Come Back?

Here are three factors that explain why exes come back when you move on:

  1. We want what we can’t have;
  2. We don’t want to be left behind;
  3. Moving on exudes qualities we desire;

Let’s explore those now.

They Want What They Can’t Have

You’ve heard this before. Your eyes are already rolling off your shoulders 🙄


That doesn’t make it any less true.

Let me put this in a different and more thought provoking way:

We do not want what we have dropped 😉

Have you ever sold something you used to like but grew tired of?

Of course you have.

I had a nice piano. Then I grew tired of it. And then I sold it.

After you get rid of something you do not miss it in the days and weeks that follow.

Even though there was a time you desired that object enough to part money for it...

But as is always the way, things lose their shine over time. We grow bored of things. And maybe it wasn’t what we imagined it would be. And so, by the time we finally get rid of it, all the desire had left completely.

Your ex may have felt the same way about the relationship.

Aside: Imagine if this “object” kept trying to relocate itself back into your world? Pushing and pulling, tugging at you to take it back?

You better believe it:

We don’t miss what we don’t want.


We certainly don’t want what we can easily get, either...

Here’s another angle not often talked about:

Before breaking up, the one who wanted the breakup, wanted what they “couldn’t have” —in a manner of speaking— which was to be free.

Of course, “couldn’t have” is not literally true. But, breaking up with someone is difficult. It is messy, painful, and disrupting.

Not as easy as selling a piano...

And this challenge can intensify the desire to break free.


If your breakup came out of the blue (for both)?

With all the fighting, begging, drama etc. that comes with separation, being apart is going to become increasingly desirable.

Summary: Your ex will not feel as great a loss over the relationship as you will if they are one who initiated the breakup.

If you were “dumped” then you are not wanted.

Humans want what they can’t have, not what they can have but no longer desire.

We Don’t Want to Be Left Behind

Humans are so preoccupied with what other people are doing and thinking, they rarely stop to ask, “what do I want?”

If your ex is struggling to find their way, and begins to have doubts about how wonderful life will be without you in it?

Well, this doubt only grows the more wonderful your life appears to be.

And it is at this time you may notice your ex is pretending to be over you and acting strange.

It is no mystery...

In your exes eyes:

  • The more structured your life is;
  • The more purposeful your life is;
  • The more meaningful your life is...

The less confident they’ll feel they gave up someone without value (or who had less value.)

Indeed, your ex will even feel jealous about you moving on.

To them, you are supposed to be begging and pleading them for attention, and yet now you are far too consumed by your own adventure to care.

If your ex sees you as progressing while they feel stagnant, they will reconsider the value you hold (and their own.)

And in doing that, your ex may see you as a prize worth fighting for, rather than an unwanted lemon (not that you ever was one, but you get the drift!)

Moving On Exudes Qualities We Desire

Moving on is character building.

And it is the opposite of standing still and waiting for scraps of attention.

When you have moved on, you also level up. It is positive growth.

As you push forward in a new direction, those watching (like exes...) witness the universal desirable human qualities, such as:

  1. Autonomy;
  2. Confidence;
  3. Control;
  4. Security;
  5. Acceptance;
  6. Self-esteem;
  7. Courage;

And more.

This dovetails nicely with “wanting what we can’t have” and “not wanting to be left out” (FOMO.)

Why Exes Come Back: Summary

When you move on from your ex you tap into at least three factors that could pull your ex back.

Here they are again:

  1. We want what we can’t have;
  2. We don’t want to be left behind;
  3. Moving on exudes qualities we desire;

Altogether then, we can say the reason why exes come back when you move on is FOMO!

The Fear Of Missing Out.

If your ex begins to show interest in you, and you have moved on? Hopefully it is no longer a mystery why this is happening :-)

Tip: Whether you really move on, or merely help your ex to perceive you have moved on, the result can be the same 😉

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