World class ex-back coach is giving away tips to save your relationship…

IF you like what you’ve read here, and want more breakup-to-makeup tips from me then I’d be delighted to send you my emails…

Emails. Remember them?

I have written a small series of emails that you can get delivered to your inbox (free, of course) that cover a few things not yet covered here on the site.

The content of my emails differ to what you find here in two big ways:

  1. They’re a lot shorter;
  2. I write in a more personal tone ..

Subscribers also get access to hidden content here on the site.

The first piece of content shares the three common mistakes which sabotage your chances of winning your ex back. They’re not the only mistakes, but they are common (and destructive.)

You’ll also find out:

  • The best tip I have (shhh)
  • How to get your ex to call you?
  • Don’t do what this person did (no no no!)
  • Why you must give your ex space, and how long for?
  • Why you can’t chase your ex into your arms ..
  • What will you learn from the broken tea cup story?
  • Will making your ex jealous work? Should you do this? (my warning to you is not to be missed!)
  • Find out about the two types of relationship that end. Which type is yours? And what does it mean?
  • Why SMART couples have THREE relationships…

There’s more of course. That’s just a selection.

Interested? …

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My girlfriend and I broke up last week. I followed your instructions and we are back together — Erick Nelson