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Emails. Remember them?

I have written a small series of emails that you can get delivered to your inbox (free, of course) that cover a few things not yet covered here on the site.

The content of my emails differ to what you find here in two big ways:

  1. They’re a lot shorter;
  2. I write in a more personal tone ..

Subscribers also get access to hidden content here on the site.

The first piece of content shares the 7 dead giveaway signals your ex may show you if you have a chance of getting back together. They’re not the only signals, but they are pretty common.

You’ll also find out:

  • The best tip I have (shhh)
  • How to get your ex to call you?
  • Don’t do what this person did (no no no!)
  • Why you must give your ex space, and how long for?
  • Why you can’t chase your ex into your arms ..
  • What will you learn from the broken tea cup story?
  • Will making your ex jealous work? Should you do this? (my warning to you is not to be missed!)
  • Find out about the two types of relationship that end. Which type is yours? And what does it mean?
  • Why SMART couples have THREE relationships…

There’s more of course. That’s just a selection.

Interested? …

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