Romance-Ology: How to Be More Attractive, Persuasive, AND Successful

This is where I show you everything I know about understanding the laws of human relationships and the world at large, so you can enjoy love and romance, and the world itself, MORE and have more success with it..”

Dear Reader,

The universe is indifferent to who you are, what you’ve done, or whether you’re nice or mean. The rain falls on the just and unjust alike. So when you possess the right knowledge of its laws, the universe surrenders its power regardless.

I care deeply about understanding such laws, and using them successfully to help my clients (and myself) wield them to get more from this life that we’re living.

So, here’s the deal:

I’m writing a series of “letters” to reveal these little-known things to those who are ready to receive them. And I have the first letter of “Romanceology” ready for you to read today.

Romanceology: What is it?

Literally, “ology” means a subject of study, or a branch of knowledge.

So a study of ROMANCE. But it’s much more than that.

Hey, in life.. nothing is what it seems. And love has to be one of the biggest mysteries of them all. It doesn’t help that humans can be both simple and complex beings.. often at the same time.

We lie to others, but not nearly as often as we lie to ourselves.

Anyway. When it comes to attraction, dating, having healthy relationships, and so on.. we’re left to figure this stuff out for ourselves.


Well that won’t do, will it?

Romanceology is where I’ll explain a few things I think you should know.

Every “letter” will reveal little-known truths about attraction and love which you can use to your advantage. You’ll learn my “Romanceology Rules of Love,” the code to having the best dates, relationships, and more that I know.

Each “letter” will cover 2-4 lessons, typically, and they’ll appeal both to men and women alike. To you single stars, and you twosomes reading along.

The first letter is ready right now. Future ones will be written and made available “as and when” without commitment — you just buy them when you want to.

Everybody can benefit from understanding people better. It’s as simple as that. We never stop learning, nor stop being able to benefit and improve our own lives.

Now: this special communication here will be delivered to you in PDF. That’s means it digital all the way. For now at least..

So to clarify: this is not an ink-and-paper letter. You’ll need to read it on your screen. OR feel free to print it of course.

—ASIDE— if you’d like a different format, ask me. I’m also considering putting them online so you can read it in your web browser.

Important FYI

Each letter will be made available when it’s done. The first one is ready NOW. The next one might not be ready for a while, or it might be right round the corner. I’m not promising anything on that score.

Refund Policy

Keepings things simple, if for any reason at all you’d like a refund, just ask me within 30 days of purchase, and I’ll refund you.

I’ll even do it with a smile.

Mind you, I won’t let you buy any future Romanceology letters or products. That would be like re-dating someone you’re not compatible with. Odd right? Waste of time.

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Michael Fulmer