THE THINKING TRAP: How your brain is deceiving you.

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This is not for everyone.

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This is for:

  • Those who can’t stop thinking about their ex and it drives them crazy;
  • Those who can’t stop thinking about some aspect of their past or worrying about the future (and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier, and doing nothing isn’t working…)


  • You can’t stop playing little “mind movies” inside your head of “a better time” when you and your ex were together;
  • Or you can’t stop replaying “mind movies” of your ex now enjoying life with somebody else, or what they might be up to, or unwarranted scenarios of how your ex is enjoying a better life than you are;
  • You can’t let go of an injustice relating to your ex and the breakup, which makes you sad or angry every time you think about it (which is daily);
  • And so on..

All of this affects you by:

  • Overwhelming your “mind space” so that IT is all you think about, or forms a significant chunk of your mind-share, slowing you down and stopping you living your life fully, and making it unnecessarily hard to cope with even simple day-to-day things;
  • Disturbing your sleep pattern so you mostly wake up tired with bags under your eyes with no zest to push forward;
  • Making you feel helpless and unable to join in with friends and family, and that you just want to be alone;
  • Making you feel that you can’t bring your best self into a new relationship, and stops you even trying;
  • Making you more susceptible to illness as the added stress and worry chips away at your health and general wellbeing.
  • And so on…

In the first 5 minutes of reading, you’ll know:

  • The most important point of focus there is in your life;
  • How you’re robbing yourself of your own life;
  • When it’s damaging to think about the past, and when it isn’t;

In less than 7 minutes, you’ll know:

  • What your mind loves to do, but which is terrible for your sanity;
  • What the scariest thing about the mind trap is, and why it’s so hard to deal with;
  • What the one thing is that’s worse than having upsetting thoughts in the first place, which affects almost everyone and they won’t even know it..;
  • How to know when a thought you’re having isn’t helpful;

By the end of this short report, you’ll know:

  • How to escape the “thinking trap” once and for all;
  • An astonishing truth about the relationship between your thoughts and you;
  • And more..

Important: if you get this report, you must read it through every day for 30 straight days. If you do not, it will probably be a waste of your money.


“The Thinking Trap — what it is and how to escape it”

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