Will My Ex Come Back?

Don’t Bother With a Quiz — the *Only* Clue That Matters

Last updated: December 13th, 2019

Michael Fulmer

I've got a confession to make:

I don't know if your ex will come back.

But then again, no one does!

What I do know though is there's only one thing you need to know.

Only one sign worth a damn.

Will My Ex Come Back

Look for This One Sign 🤫


So long as your ex is a living breathing human being, then YES... there is a chance they will come back to you. And that is the only clue or sign you need.


Because beyond that, it is only a matter of opinion and guesswork as to what that chance is.

Put it this way:

Couples who you'd never guess would reunite? Do.

Just as couples you'd put money on figuring things out, don't.

The point is:

We don't know what the outcome will be. We only know that both outcomes are possible.

And, you can't know which one it will be until AFTER it has happened.

So, when I'm asked, “will my ex come back” I can honestly say “YES and NO” because both answers are possible and applicable for every single man and woman alive.

I don't need to know what happened between you both, and it's none of my business either... AND it doesn't matter, either.

🤔 What Does This Mean?

Your job is to concentrate on doing what you can to improve the chance that is already inherently there.

To increase the likelihood that the outcome you want is the outcome you get.

Don't waste your time debating what that chance is as a percentage or score.

And don't bother with an ex back quiz!

Instead, strengthen your position so when your ex has second thoughts about the breakup, you make it harder for them to be sure they did the right thing.

No kidding:

When you want a second chance with someone you love, it is not the time to be passive and wait for your fate —a common mistake.

Instead, it is the time to take active measures to bring about the reunion you prefer to become a reality.

So there you have it. To all those asking me, “will my ex come back?” ...you now know the score.

Which frees you up to take action!

Understand: what worked for my clients —and for those who acted on the information inside my Second Chance program— was to focus on making it more likely for their ex to return.

Dealing with things like:

Increasing the attraction or removing what’s blocking the attraction so more of the good memories flow than the bad.

To apologize where it makes sense to, and improve or change their appearance to separate the old self from the new, and so on.

If your ex decides to come back to you, at least make it easy for them (oh, and help them not have “buyers remorse” afterwards either!)

Honestly, stop obsessing about signs and chances, and just learn the best moves to make so you find out by finding out!

For now, I will end my argument here.

Update: Let’s take a look at reasons for and against your ex coming back, and typical signs you might want to watch out for.

The Wrong Reasons For Your Ex to Come Back?

While you may be desperate for you ex to come back, make sure they don’t come back for the wrong reasons.

Always check their motivation.

Let’s cover five reasons right now:

One: Your Ex Fear’s They Made the Wrong Decision

If your ex comes back because of fear, the risk is they will leave again once the fear subsides.

Fear is not a desirable reason to come back.

Being afraid of being alone is normal. But not wanting to be alone doesn’t equal wanting to be with you.

Look out for that.

Two: Your Ex is Unable to Move On

Moving on is a difficult and long process.

Most people can’t just up and leave a meaningful relationship one week, and feel ready to start a new one the next.

It takes commitment to see it through.

And so it is normal to not want to feel this unease more than the want to see it through.

This is why some exes come back.

They couldn’t commit to the de-tangling process, and come running back to escape the withdrawal symptoms.

This is not a great reason for your ex to come back!

Three: Your Ex Has Difficulty Finding a New Partner

Whether your ex is able to move on or not, they still have to eventually find a new partner.

Dating is not easy.

For most people, it is frustrating, scary, and even creepy.

And the “better the devil you know” factor can kick in soon enough.

Change is hard. Your ex might want to come back to familiarity, where they know what to expect (good and bad.)

This isn’t the worst reason to make up.

But you do need to proceed carefully nonetheless if you are to avoid a repeat breakup.

They Wanted Sex

Going single is all well and good.

But if your ex is not getting satisfying sex (or any sex at all) then they might come looking for you to scratch that itch!

The problem is if your ex comes back because they need their fix, don’t be surprised if they leave you again once they find an alternative.

Cajoled or Pressured to Do So

If your ex feels guilty for leaving you, they might come back to appease their guilt.

Guilt is a terrible reason to reunite!

And it would only be a short term fix.

Love and attraction are not made from guilt.

And indeed, if your ex is receiving pressure of any kind, from any source (family, friends, religion,) then expect resentment to soon follow.

No one wants to be manipulated or cajoled into acting against their own wants and desires.

The Right Reasons For Them to Come Back

The hope is that your ex will come back to you for good reasons.

Let’s look at those now.

One: The Breakup Was Over a Non Critical Issue

Sometimes in the heat of the moment, a relatively trivial issue can escalate into a major issue leaving both with little wiggle room.

With neither wanting to back down, the situation soon gets out of hand leading to an unnecessary breakup.

This type of breakup is the kind that neither partner really wants.

A bad deal.

So if your breakup was like this, a bit rash and over something silly —in hindsight— then you have good cause to get back together as you didn’t have good reason to separate in the first place!

Two: The Decision to Come Back Was Not Rushed

If there’s a legitimate reason for your breakup, it is better if your ex takes sufficient time to weigh the matter before knocking on your door.

Same for you.

You need time to contemplate the issues that pushed you apart.

If you take your time to see whether things are fixable, your conclusion will be more valid.

Three: They Want to Address Issues

You broke up for a reason.

If you can both accept responsibility for what went wrong, there is hope for your relationship.

If your ex comes back to you because they want to work on the issues with you, then this story you are writing together is not over yet.

Unless you choose otherwise.

Reconciliation —can you picture it?— comes from an appropriate response to problems.

Four: Your Ex Wants to Do the Work Necessary to Make It Work

The deal here is simple:

Check that each individual is going to do the work they need to do.

If your ex has a problem, what would the solution look like?

Whatever that looks like, you want to see them doing it!

Same for you.

If you have a problem that contributed to the breakup, what would your solution look like?

This works both ways.

If each puts in the effort to manage or solve their own problems, you have good reason to try again.

Signs Your Ex Will Come Back

What makes an ex come back after they broke up with you?

And what are the signs your ex will come back which you should be looking for?

I’ve already explained that ultimately there is only one clue worth a damn: that your ex is human :-)

Every clue beyond that is guess work.

Still, here’s a few clues to look for now and in the future if you insist on looking:

  • Your ex is making excuses to see or talk to you;
  • They ask what you are up to, or if you are dating (!);
  • Your hear from friends that your ex is talking about you a lot, or asking about you;
  • Your ex is showing signs of jealousy;
  • Your ex makes an effort to stay in touch with your family and friends (especially if they didn’t do this much beforehand);
  • Your ex takes up the same hobby or interest as you;
  • Your ex is “liking” your social media updates, retweeting you, etc.;
  • Your ex quickly enters a new relationship (a rebound which infers your ex is trying to avoid or delay getting over you by being distracted by a new partner);

Remember: As mentioned above, your ex may come back whether or not they show those signs. It is tricky to know the true meaning behind these things.

Rather than get bogged down with clues and signs, your efforts are better spent doing all you can to help your ex to want to come back.

Listen, I know this is a painful time for you. And I appreciate why you are questioning everything. It drives you mad not knowing. So, at times like this, it is natural to be reading articles like this.

Nothing personal, OK. Just promise me you will not be so consumed by questions you can’t answer, you sabotage your chances to get the result you desperately seek.

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