What Does It Mean When Your Ex Wishes You the Best?

When your ex wishes you the best, they either want to move on or they want to keep their options open. Either way, it shows they want to be cordial with you.

Let’s explore this.

Wishing Someone the Best Is a Common Way to Say Goodbye

Yes, wishing you the best is a common way to say goodbye. And it’s a respectful way to end a conversation.

However, if the message is like the following examples, it will feel like you won’t see your ex again:

  • “I hope things work out for you.”
  • “I hope everything goes smoothly for you.”
  • “Take care of yourself.”

After a breakup, it is nice if you can wish each other well. It can mean both parties respect how things ended, even if it was painful. And it can show your ex isn’t bitter over past actions.

Wishing you well hints they have good intentions and are respectful enough to let go of relationship issues.

But also?

It’s a Way for Your Ex to Keep Their Options Open

It allows your ex to maintain their flexibility and keep their options open. Wishing you the best isn’t an ironclad sign you will never see your ex again. You can still do things to catch their eye again if you wish. You can still have laughter and meaningful conversations. Whatever your ex thinks about you today can change.

It’s true: you may have experienced a painful breakup. And your ex might have told you that you’re not good enough for them or they’re not interested in dating you anymore. Yet, whatever the reason, it’s key to remember that your ex’s opinion of you can change.

Check Your Emotions

When an ex wishes you the best, the emotional response can be quite varied. Depending on how your relationship ended, you might feel relieved, confused, or hopeful. How should you manage these feelings?

Feeling relieved? That’s a sign you’re ready to move on. Embrace it and keep working on yourself. Remember, it’s fine to treasure the good times without wanting to rekindle the flame.

Confused? Seek clarity. Understand what you want and how you feel about your ex. If you’re stuck, consider professional help. A therapist can guide you through this emotional maze.

Feeling hopeful? Be cautious. A message from your ex doesn’t promise a reunion. Stay realistic and don’t let hope blur your judgment. Examine why you broke up and whether those issues can be fixed. If not, moving on might be the healthier choice.

In a nutshell, when your ex wishes you the best, handle your emotions wisely. Be honest with yourself about your feelings. Whether you choose to move on or cling to the hope of getting back together, make sure your decision promotes your long-term happiness.


If you’ve been getting messages from your ex that they want the best for you, don’t panic. Either they want to end things healthily and kindly, or they’re keeping their options open. And even if they want to move on, they can change their mind. My advice? Don’t keep score too soon. Approach the future with an open mind and a positive attitude.

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